Secure pick up locations

PkgSpot is changing the way consumers receive their online purchases by offering convenient and secure pick up locations.

We’re partnering with businesses that will accept online purchases. These businesses are conveniently located close to your home, work, and public transportation.

They offer a secure location with extended hours, allowing individuals the ability to receive their packages on “Their Time” and at “Their Place” of choice.  Once the package is received a text message is sent along with a unique onetime pick up code notifying the customer that their parcel has arrived.

Here’s how it works

1. Shop online.

Ship your online purchases to any of our PkgSpot Partner locations.

2. Go about your day.

PkgSpot helps you get on with what you love, no waiting at home for your deliveries.

3. Get notified.

A text message will alert you when your package arrives.

4. Pick up.

Receive packages on “Your Schedule” and at “Your Place” of choice.

Our service is focused around three personas:

The Individual Consumer

An individual can easily signup for an account from the PkgSpot mobile application and start receiving their online purchases at any of our PkgSpot Partner locations.

The Online Retailer

PkgSpot offers an integrated solution that can quickly and cost effectively be deployed.  Our APIs allow retailers the ability to implement the PkgSpot functionality within their own e-commerce workflows.

Contact PkgSpot for pricing information.

The Storefront Partner

Businesses are opening their doors to more traffic while attracting new customers. In a retail environment one of the largest challenges is getting people in the front door. Once they are in they usually buy something.

Contact PkgSpot for more information.