Storefront Partners

Drive more traffic & attract new customers.

Businesses are opening their doors to a steady flow of new customers by becoming a PkgSpot partner.

Getting started is easy.

Businesses are quickly becoming PkgSpot partners.  In a retail environment one of the largest challenges is getting people in the front door. Once they are in, they usually buy something.  Offering a new service, like PkgSpot, is a unique way to generate new traffic and increase sales. Get started today!

Attract New Customers

Become a PkgSpot partner.

Increase Sales

More traffic equals incremental sales.

PkgSpot works great with your current Click & Collect or BOPIS Service.

Customers know  and appreciate the benefit of using your Click & Collect or BOPIS service. Expand on that and let them pick up all of their online purchases at any of your store locations.  Drive your customers back more frequently and watch your sales increase.

Drive more traffic to your stores.

The PkgSpot service provides your customers with a reason to return. Our service helps you convert that returning customer into a sale.  For example, you can provide a discount coupon, or sales message to the customer when they receive their pick up notification.  Give it a trial run today.

The PkgSpot service is simple to use.

The PkgSpot service requires no software integration for our storefront partners. All of the receiving and picking up of packages is facilitated by a smartphone app. 

Your customers can sign up via our  smartphone app or utilize our service directly with participating online retailers.   Get started today and watch you store traffic increase.

How our Partner Application works

Download Application

Download PkgSpot application (iOS and Android).

Promote PkgSpot Service

Notify your customer base.

Receive & Image

Recieve packages from delivery company and Image shipping labels. Our system will automatically notify the customer that their package is ready to be picked up.

Pick Up

Open smartphone application.  Ask customer for their unique one-time QR code or seven-digit verification code.  If correct.. ok to give package to customer.

Get Started with PkgSpot for Business

To get started please fill out this form and someone from our sales team will reach out soon. You can contact us directly at